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Default Re: Features and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Sam.Butler View Post
@hihat: Glad the file names are showing up now. There's a known issue with deleting scores that we're also trying to fix so watch this space! I've passed on your suggestions but wanted to say that you can double-tap on a score too to open it rather than having to tap it once to get the open button.
Hello Sam,
I have dragged in another 30 since then and the titles do not arrive, so I think it could be a bug they might like to check out. Also dragging in a number of them often resulted in the ipad1 rebooting! All my test files are about 34k - just one page files. But I managed to get a couple of hundred in finally, although it took an hour, freezing, crashing, closing app from multi-tasking dock, auto rebooting, deleting app, downloading twice, all caused by dragging in from iTunes more than about 10 lead sheet files. A bit buggy!

Thanks for the information about double-tapping (although I miss the point as to why a single tap action just flips the cover open - perhaps it works when there are number of pieces in the file and it opens to its Table of Contents, which would then make sense.)

- there could be a preference to either open where you last were or at Index which for me would be more useful (small point though.)
- import Music XML would be a nice addition;
- iPod controls or being able to play a tune from the iPod app. for backing or transcribing (stop, play, pause, maybe slow down at pitch) or practicing with;
- transpose instrument buttons (what you have reflects Sibelius but this is a different kind of thing), so with the two options of transpose, add another one.... Bb, Eb, F, G buttons (I realize you can change instruments, but this is for a different purpose);
- octave up or down for selection of measures of the whole instrument (related to transposing) otherwise you can be out of range;
- preference to either remember transpose setting or not when exiting that score;
- 'play from here' ... put this where the arrow is showing the bar, not under the 'Change instrument' (which applies to the whole stave) ... I think this needs clarity;
- guitar tab - better order needed do you think? (bass, standard guitars near the top of the list so they are visible in the window rather than scrolling down.) Personally I think they are more commonly used than the others listed at the top.
- disable sleep, if you are using it as static score you would want it to not go to sleep?
- no black background (desk)
- perhaps an inverse white music on black paper for less light emitting in a orch. pit, or low light situations

Thanks for your reply.

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