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Default Re: Features and Suggestions

I have loaded over 200 .sib files (mostly one page lead sheets.) The ipad1 does not show any titles of my songs - except the library ones it already has. Icon view does not label the songs either. Maybe I need to do something to activate titles... does it take it from the file name or the Title used in the file? (irrelevant at the moment!)
When you tap on the song icon (that is all you can see) you can open it ... it says ... null...
It often crashes.
I have cold started a few times. The first time after installation, it did not even open any songs and I had to cold start ipad.
Very slow to open the one page lead sheets.

In text view for index of songs, maybe no icons but just title names with an alphabet along the right side to get from one end to the other (hundreds of tunes.)

Also it is difficult to delete all the tunes. I did it in iTunes, with the app closed but they are still there (cannot open them though).
I have relaunched the app several times but they still list (without titles obviously.)

My main use is jazz heads and chords, but could add my flute sonatas from midi files, my classical guitar compositions.

I tried to find an email address to avid-support from the link but there does not seem to be one, so posting here.
Good to have the app. Looking forward to updates. Thanks.

------ amendment
I have deleted the app then only added 20 files. The titles are all there.

Better more efficient title, index system showing more titles on the page (no icons.)
Multiple categories or playlists for organizing a set or concert tunes in one place, or groups of composers
Background audio on/off ... work with Amplitube etc. and allow iPod app audio access.
Does not seem to scroll in landscape viewing a single part with the rest of the band playing.
Auto zoom to eliminate any margins around the score.
Zoom setting in Music stand mode if needed.
PDF import
In icon view, could there be a preference to open automatically (as list view does) rather than having to tap Open?
Hide cursor (useful when not playing, just viewing.)
Midi file import or pasteboard? play?

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