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Default Re: Keyboard Shortcut for "Track List", "MIDI Editor Pane", and "Clip List"

Originally Posted by DetroitT View Post
Command = (Mix & Edit toggle)
Control = (MIDI editor)

You can also set up recall window sets to most anything (Window Configurations)
i.e. all tools, eco tools, 1 monitor, 3 monitors, mater tools
Decimal point < number < Asterisk (Recalls)
Thanks for the answer, but using Window Configuration feature would be a cumbersome workaround.
The Edit Window has four window panes and to provide the functionality to toggle each window pane individually would require too many (insert math here) configurations to have not only each one with and without, but also any other combination. This is just not practical. In addition, to recall a Window Configuration, you have to type a sequence of minimum 3 keys.

Right now I have set up 3 key equivalents with BTT, one to toggle the Track List, one to toggle the MIDI Editor Pane, and one for toggling the Clip List. Same functionality as having opt+7 to toggle just the window pane for the Universe View. I was hoping that there was a hidden Keyboard Shortcut in Pro Tools, but I guess not (yet).
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