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Default Re: Clearview, Evercast, Millicast, Etc.

Our facility has been using Clearview, it kinda works but we've had some very annoyed clients. Video can dropout briefly occasionally but audio sync is the main issue.

We have experimented with Zoom (on clients requests!) and its a disaster unsurprisingly

I will look into Evercast but sounds very expensive even for a top facility

There are two issues we have, firstly its that whatever we do we are reliant on clients' broadband speed which is often not good enough (we think this is the main source of Clearview sync issues as it varies). Secondly, is that most clients actually prefer the more primitive method of us sending a video with temp mix so they can watch it at a time convenient for them - but the issues with this are QT render time and admin of note swapping. This is where we are at now and to streamline this we are using Vision or Vision comes as part of our facilites OM so its a no brainer. We have project spaces setup for cleints, they only need one login for the duration of the series and you can attached notes (less elegant than keep track of sign of versions etc.
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