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Default Re: HD Omni Optical Input Level low?

I left some details out of my original post. I'm running HDMI from my "Machine room" to the control room, and using an HDMI optical extractor to get optical to the omni before HDMI goes to my display. I then use the mixer in the omni to keep the computer audio on even if pro tools is not open. I've been doing this for years without issue. I recently moved things around in my room to accommodate new studio monitors, and I must have accidentally used the 2nd HDMI run I have, and that cable is somehow attenuating the digital audio signal?! Swapping to the other HDMI cable has 100% resolved the issue. I really don't understand how or why, but everything worked perfectly all day today. These are "active" HDMI cables, so I'm guessing one has just gone bad?

Thanks again!
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