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Default HD Omni Optical Input Level low?

I recently reset my omni settings to default and reloaded the firmware while troubleshooting an issue, and now audio playing from my computer to the omni's optical input is showing up 2db lower than it should. If I play a file that I know is hitting 0 or even clipping, it never really gets above -1.8 or so on the meter in a pro tools aux. I've tested it with multiple computers to rule out system playback volume. I'm used to seeing the input meters hitting red, and this is making it annoying to compare mixes to tidal/apple music/spotify. (No, it's not just the streaming service normalizing things. I get the same result with a wav file) Also doing another reset/firmware install didn't snap it out of this.

Avid said I should send it to them for a firmware downgrade? If this is a hardware issue, it's probably cheaper to just buy a replacement used omni.

Anyone else ever see this?



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