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Default Re: Enabling Low Latency Monitoring mutes outputs - digi002 Rack

I THINK I'VE FIGURED THIS OUT... I don't know exactly what happened but here are the steps I took. I haven't been able to use Low Latency Monitoring since I got a new macbook last summer.

I read in this thread to go back to the 10.3.3 driver, which is the last one supported for 002. I downloaded and installed that. Still no luck.

Then I downloaded the latest driver for 003 which comes with uninstall software. I ran that which I assume got rid of any conflicting drivers that were newer than the 10.3.3 driver.

Once I restarted and opened Pro Tools, the playback engine drop down gave me the option of "Digi 002" rather than what it used to say "Avid 002 Rack". And... Low Latency Monitoring worked.

I haven't tried to do much yet so I'll update if anything screwy happens but I hope this helps some of you. It was such a frustrating glitch.

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