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Default Re: AAE -9173 Issues

So I've been on the phone twice now with senior tech people at avid. They both went through my system via remote, removed my plugs, did the whole nine yards and it's still doing it, not only that, now other sessions are freezing during playback. I will be on the phone again tomorrow and everyday until it's fixed. The techs have been great, they know there's an issue but I don't think they know what's causing it. Just when you think it's one thing and happens again. I'm basically dead in the water until this gets resolved. It's not going to be pretty when I lose a customer(s) over this. This is a business not hobby and when your business model revolves around what's supposed to be the leader in the industry and they can't even resolve an issue in a timely manner and address its customers needs with a reliable product someone needs to be held accountable. I think resignation of the ceo would suffice or maybe the whole dev team needs the axe.
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