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Default Re: AAE -9173 Issues

It is beyond frustrating. For what we are required to pay, Pro Tools is quite possibly one of the worst programed pieces of "professional" software I've ever used. The -9173 errors with HD Native are constant and crippling, killing any flow you might be feeling during a session.

Worse are the "support" documents, that have you go through a basic checklist that we've all gone over multiple times with no end to the errors.

Even worse than that?

The many members of this "community" who swear it is all due to user error, and has nothing to do with the Pro Tools software.

"Its your plugins, man. Try a different order. You have to put the cheese before the meat, ya know what I'm saying!???"

"What OS version are you on? Could be that. Oh, you completely formatted your hard drive, did a fresh install of the latest supported OS and only the latest version of Pro Tools, but you're still getting the errors. Oh and you're running a session with two stereo tracks and no plugins? Hmmm, must be something you did wrong."

"Were you chewing gum when you got the errors? You were??? Its your fault then."

Pro Tools is like an over sensitive teenager who crumbles and bursts out in tears when told to take out the garbage. Well guess what?

Time for Avid to take out the trash and fix this bug ridden cesspool they call a DAW.

Endless waiting...
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