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Default Pro Tools LE 8 + Snow Leopard + Mac Book Pro 17'' + SSD Upgrade ?

I fully understand this is not pro-tools specific, but this Mac Book Pro is used only for Pro-Tools, so I'm really only interested in the response in terms of the Pro Tools application.

I have a Mac Book Pro 17'' (not the current version, the one behind current) that I use with Snow Leopard and Pro Tools LE 8 and a Rack 003.

I'm considering upgrading the internal disk in the Mac Book pro (not used for recording, that's all external firewire) to an SSD to improve the application and OS performance.

Will doing this cause any issues for Pro Tools ? is there a reason I shouldn't do this in relationship to Pro Tools ?

Are there any specific models versions that I should/should not use to keep stability with Pro Tools.

I appreiciate this is more down to the OS, but Pro Tools is this machines real use so I want that to be the priority.
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