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Default Re: MBOX2Pro won't power on anymore!!

Originally Posted by ZDF View Post
Hey all, thanks for your help! Yesterday my mbox2pro worked like a charm, today no power, i've tried everything. This is my chain:
Mbookpro-500G Seagatefirewire800HD-firewire800/400adapter-Mbox2pro

I'm going to try to reinstall PT but avoid the 8.0.4 update in case that might be the issue...

No need to create multiple posts... just bump the same one.

We're gonna need more info.

Are you using the power adapter for the MBox? Which Macbook Pro model? Pro Tools version? OSX version?


Particularly for the MBox2Pro... there have many been reported issues with your setup. Running 800->800 then 800->400 can result in issues, because the hard drive in the chain may not be dropping the bus speed properly. This can be the result of firmware issues, among other things.

Ideally, you want a FW400 drive.

Macbook -> 800->400 cable -> Drive -> MBox

Keeps the chain consistent, and less room for error. If your Macbook has an ExpressCard slot, you'd be better off getting a FW card, and keep the drive and MBox on completely separate busses.

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