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Default Re: Mac Pro 8-Core Dverb test, good right?


i'm glad your system works. I too had some nasty 'Buffer' Errors. My 003 would work, but suddenly stop with some 'Buffer size' errors. Kind of -6085, hickups, crackling and so on. I tried everything digi suggested, (turn airport off, bluetooth off, computer off... )but no success.....until..... i turned Widgets (Dashboard) off. Now it seems the system is working. I'm getting no -6085 errors anymore (knock on wood). Just telling you this if you run into more problems.
There's a way to turn Dasboard completely off. Watch this:

How are your impressions in general with the new 8-Core? Is it a stable system? Would love to hear more about it.....

All the best

System: MacBook Pro 10.4.9 Combo Update | DuoCore 2 2.33Ghz | 2GB RAM | 160GB HD | digi 003 | PT 7.3.1cs4
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