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Default Re: A PCU test: PT Vs Reaper with pretty incredible result

Things that led me to make the move:

Render queue: I make several mix prints each day. Sometimes it can be over 20 bounces within one day. I use analogue outboard so only online is an option. Reaper allows me to program a render queue. I don't have to watch it, I don't need to name the files at each bounce. It saves me 2 hours on a more busy day.

Actions: Reaper has "actions" window. You can easily find features there using search filter. You can program your own actions.

Automation: I'm an automation junkie. I love writing it on the fly using touch mode. I love using "snapshot" automation using preview mode. The way it's done in Reaper is much more effective. I'm just quicker.

Folder based routing:A Folder acts as an audio subgroup. One mouse drag and it's done.

Inserting plugins on objects.

"Under mouse cursor" key commands. They allow you to program keys to perform actions on tracks or items that are under the mouse cursors. No mouse clicking. Hover the mouse over an item and press a key to split it. Hover a mouse over a track anywhere (mixer, arrange) and use two keys to do +-1dB volume nudge. These two are my favourite.

Editing: It's much faster to edit audio in Reaper. You can automate many repeatable actions. You can trim or fade hundreds of audio clips at once.


I switched after 15 years of using Pro Tools HD on a daily basis. I'm quicker, I earn more money and I can give better customer experience for my clients in Reaper.
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