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Default Need urgent help with Xmon

Posted about this problem a long time ago but it hasn't occurred that much lately until now.

Our Xmon is acting up big time now but I suspect itīs not hardware related.

It seems to loose or ignore most commands to switch speakers and change monitor sources.
Lets say I need to check some mixing decision in my small boombox, now I have to press that button 20 times before it actually kicks in.
Very annoying, since I do that all the time!
Its not the actual buttons since I see the S6 screen responds immediately, but the Xmons doesn't.

This affects speaker switching and source selection. i also have a folddown button that I use as a mono switch, but that one doesn't seem to be affected.

Tried restarting everything, disconnected workstation and re-connecting but not helping.

Really need to fix this ASAP as this really slows down my workflow.
Anyone experienced this before? What should I try?
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