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Default Re: A PCU test: PT Vs Reaper with pretty incredible result

Thanks for the suggestion...but I'm coming from few months in reaper which just drove me nuts.

Still considering is a very subjective matter, Reaper has got for me has some sort of problem which are impossible to deal with.

Kenny Gioa's video just gives you an overview (like any other tutorial) because they show manual situation...then the reality overpass it and problems gets in.

A couple of random example: cannot select more than a warp at a time.
The comping is pretty much not existent, as you have to cut. Also, has got a limited space on screen.
All the groove function works very bad.
They announced Ara a year and half ago and is not there yet.
There is not window setting recall (there is a wonderful mixer recall though)
There is no way to have the playback cursor not being on screen when starting playing (making large editing a pain in the ass).

As somebody coming from pro tools you will be able to set it pretty much similarly in terms of will take you long time to do it.

I found it a disaster...but some people swear on it and find it easy to learn. Not by chance anyway, a great deal of users are software programmers.

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