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Default Re: Broken 003 Console, What are Replacement Options?

For an all-in-one solution, there is nothing other than another 003(and I would not be shy about buying one). As for the failure, its pretty rare outside of operator error(plugging or unplugging the FW cable with everything ON is the usual cause of FW failure) That's a lesson I learned the hard(IOW "expensive") way. For someone with micro-soldering equipment and skill, its about a $5 part. It was a $327 repair for me(5 years ago) at an authorized Avid service shop( in Nashville, TN).

Back to other options, how much of the control surface do you actually use? If its mostly Transport and faders, you could use any interface with a Presonus Faderport8(or 16). For me, its mostly Transport, so the little Faderport covers that(and quick-punch) nicely for around $100(my solution when I jumped to HD/Native). This opens you up to dozens of interface options
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