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Default Broken 003 Console, What are Replacement Options?

I have a sick 003 console on my handsó (sick like "unhealthy", not like ďawesomeĒ) which has firewire issues and is basically unusable at this point. I can test other FW gear on my Macó hard drives and such-- and it seems fine. Iíve swapped cablesó same issue no matter which cable. The 003 usually wonít show up at all, but if it does, it quickly vanishes. Link light on back and on front of the 003 come and go. Iím assuming I have a bad firewire port (or daughter board, or whatever) in the 003. Are these repairable? Even if they are, I need a fast solutionó I could buy a used 003, and possibly risk a similar failure, but what are my alternatives?

Here is my setup: right now Iím using an Early 2011 MB Pro as follows:

2.2GHz i7 MB Pro
1TB SSD (internal)
OS 10.11.6

Pro Tools is currently:

I love the look of some of the PreSonus consoles, especially the Studio Live CS 18AI, but Iíve never tried one out, and honestly, Iím not clear which (if any) of these consoles might work. I can't seem to find a list or guideline, so I'm somewhat clueless as to what I need to try now.

I prefer a built-in interface and mic preís on the console, because I donít have a ton of space, though I would like to have 16 channels available at once for mixing without jumping back-and-forth. My brain doesnít like working with too few faders at once, and I do very much want to retain the moving faders, if possible.

More inputs are a good thing, but generally Iím working with 1 or 2 inputs at once, and mainly building projects a track or two at a time, so Iím not needing 16 mics in at once or such-- at least not right nowó I just need more workspace with more faders in front of me at once, if possible.

Iím willing to upgrade to PT 2018, if needed, though PT 12 is working fine for me right now. I just need to figure out a console / interface solution, and quickly.

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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