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Originally Posted by bektolio View Post
so I did everything you said. im getting no playback with the main outputs selected as output through the headphones. when I attempt to use the L rig in the second track it allows but it goes gray in the input area and isn't picking up the mic. in the I/O when it says "embed eleven settings from" it won't let me select eleven rig only mic/guitar for input and main out l/r for output. the eleven rack rig is grayed out in that area and won't let me select like the input on the track allows. the headphone volume isn't muted at least not on the eleven rack and every mute button I can find in pro tools isn't muted either.
Try to answer all the questions below, quote this post and reply to each question, one at a time.

What *exactly* have you done? And of the many things I suggested how far did you get? What worked?

Starting with do you have a known good stereo MP3 (or similar) playing back in your headphones? If you can't get that to work. Stop. Don't waste time trying to do anything else.

There is nothing where you select "the main outputs selected as output through the headphones." so I don't follow what you mean by that.

You said you wanted to record the dry mic and I told you how to do that. Does that work? You are now talking about recoding a wet mic though the rig? Why are you mentioning the Rig at all? Yes I mentioned that if you want to record wet, but I thought you only wanted dry. But again, until you have output working doing anyting else is a waste of time.

Sounds like you may not even have the Eleven Rack selected as the Playback Engine. Double check that.

With the correct playback engine selected, open a new empty session, then on each of the Setup>IO>{input, output, and bus} pages press the [Default] button. Did that make the problem you were having with only some of the IO seeming to be there? (items that were greyed out).

Does the Pro Tools transport go into and stay in play (green play icon) and do you see that audio track meters moving?

Do you have monitors connected to the Eleven Rack? Do you hear anything in them?

If you still have problems getting the stereo output track with a prerecorded audio to work then post screenshots of Setup>Playback Engine, Setup>IO>{input, output, and bus} pages and your mix window showing the tracks with input/output sectors visible. The screenshots need to be large enough the text is readable.


Do you have experience using Pro Tools? If not you probably need to start by finding some basic tutorials on YouTube once we have the basic stuff working.

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