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Default VENUE | S6L Standalone Software

Get your hands dirty and play! VENUE Standalone for S6L is available! Open up some of your old show files, learn your way around the new software, and get ready for your S6L shows.

This standalone does NOT overwrite any previous standalone software you may have, so feel free to run this right next to any of the older versions to compare how your files transfer and build!

"While VENUE software requires a VENUE system to use, you can pre-program shows or edit show files offline using VENUE Standalone Software. VENUE Standalone Software Version 5.2 has been specifically developed for the VENUE | S6L live system, which not only enables you to program new VENUE show files for S6L, but you can also use it to reconfigure existing show files from older VENUE systems before transferring them to S6L.

The Standalone Software is a free download that runs on Windows-based computers, as well as Macs running Boot Camp or emulation software. The standalone software is also a great way for new users to get familiar with VENUE operation before laying a finger on the console. "
Ryan John
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