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Default Good Alternative Rock Tone

Hello Pro Tools Community!

Iíve recently begun experimenting with recording as my band wants
to start working on an album. Iíve got some pretty good mixes going
but I canít get a guitar tone that isnít too distorted or not distorted enough.

My ďsound goalĒ - I love the guitar tone in this:

My equipment -
Iím recording in the latest version of Pro Tools First
Iím recording through a Scarlet Solo audio interface through
the DI. I purchased the Eleven MKII amp sim, and I use a Boss ME80 pedal board.

What Iíve tried (recording methods) -
Iíve plugged the pedalboard directly into the DI on the AI, Iíve tried doing the previously listed and running it through a clean amp with the MKII sim, and Iíve tried plugging the guitar into the DI and using the amo sim only.

Suggestions on getting a similar tone?
Thank you so much!
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