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Default Re: Brainworx bx_Oberhausen

Originally Posted by jjnssn View Post
Agreed, instruments like DB33 retained the learned midi.

I can't reproduce the lock-ups on my system with switching patches up/down slow or fast.
It's weird with the lockups - about every other time I go to demo it it locks up.

That MIDI learn thing really has me po'd. Put everything together with what I've written about it (locksup PT, crashes in DP, MIDI learn) along with the ridiculous prices I've seen speculated about over in a GS thread ($249 full price, $179 debut and who knows what for Plugin Alliance heavy hitters) AND the fact of the Lindell 254 limiter going on sale for $49 with code today only my monthly voucher money is going for the 254.

Also weighing in on my decision to not buy Oberhausen is my monthly budget is going for Wavelab Elements to replace DSP Quattro 5 due to Stefano being slower than Slate on getting the features right in the program.
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