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Default Suddenly No Sound Output/Input

Hello, there...

I was recording yesterday and everything was 100% fine. I went to a show and came back a few hours later, and found that PT would no longer do playback. It's possible that my boyfriend changed a setting while bringing up another screen, but he wouldn't be able to tell me what he did, even if so. I'm hoping someone out there might have some suggestions for things I might not have thought to try already.

1. I can hear my microphone through the MBox headphones, and it shows on the MBox LED, but it isn't reading on the Edit window fader. PT will record, but since no signal is actually coming in, it records nothing. I've already checked I/O settings, volume, mutes, routing, even rebooted, trashed preferences, etc.

2. All previously recorded tracks also show up in the fader, but I now can't hear playback.

3. Bounces of the audio work, but I just can't hear them while bouncing.


Pro Tools LE 6.9
Mac OS X 10.3.9
Mac G4 Dual
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