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Default Re: Features and Suggestions

Hi everyone.

I have some good news! We have released Scorch 1.0.1, which should fix the problems with deleting scores and missing cover art. You can download the update directly from the App Store.

But, you will find that any scores on your bookshelf now appear twice. This is caused by a database conflict as a result of the fixes included in v1.0.1 and can be solved by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Avid Scorch. This however will reset the scores in your bookshelf to the ones just included in the app. You will therefore need to redownload any in-app purchases you had previously made while signed into your Avid account by tapping the Scorch Score button and going to the Purchases page. After signing in, you'll see all your scores you bought.

NOTE: if you bought scores from the Scorch Store and didn't create an account or sign in, please create an account by clicking the Register button in the Purchases page in Scorch and post to this thread and I'll be in touch with you directly to resolve this.

If you had added any scores using iTunes, Mail or Dropbox, you'll need to add these again too.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience – we will be working to ensure that any future updates are able to be applied without requiring a fresh install.

Hope this is all clear and I hope you find the fixes included in 1.0.1 beneficial.


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