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Default Re: Features and Suggestions

Bug report:
  • Initially, after loading the app I tried to open a Sibelius file (from Dropbox) and Scorch crashed; upon reopening the scores with the "default" icon were blank (although they did open successfully). I deleted the app, reinstalled and this time started the app before loading in any other scores and everything worked fine. I'm wondering if there is some initialisation that gets missed if the app is first started via "Open with…".
  • I'm also seeing some strange transposition after viewing a part, but I don't have my iPad in front of me, so more details will have to follow later.

Feature request:
  • What would make this more than just a novelty for me would be the ability to generate a PDF of the score (for when travelling without a laptop and someone to see a score). (Maybe something like the Share and Print menu in Apple's Pages app.)
  • Somewhat related, the ability to import additional fonts would be useful, although unlike Jeff Grossman, I'm more interested in this for text rather than music.
  • And, hey, if you can throw in full editing capabilities, that would be neat!
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