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Default Re: Converting to and Sending WAV Files??

I assume you are running a MAC(if you are on a PC, you should already be in WAV format)? Open your session and consolidate all tracks so they are single continuous files>select all unused regions and REMOVE them (not delete)>save session copy(selecting WAV)and check the box for all audio files(sorry its not in front of me so I am working from memory). Now go find that new session folder and open the folder to see the sub-folder "audio files". This folder should have all the audio and each file will be a complete track. Send this folder to your pal. It may be large so you may need to use something like When your pal downloads the folder, he should be able to simply inport each audio file to a track in whatever software he runs. Let him know the sample rate and bit depth so he can create his session at the same values which will save a conversion step. Of course if you are running an old version of PT that records SD-II files, this may not work.
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