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Ok. First off, I should mention I am primarily a PC user. On my PC, I am running Avid Pro Tools LE 6.5.1. We (my band) also has a Mac G4 which we use only for recording live jams (room microphones only with a 001). It is basically just to keep track off all our material we are working on when writing music. The process we use with our Mac is very redundent. The idea is this...

- We show up to band practice
- We run the script
- We start jaming
- We run another script (stop recording, bounce to disk (MP3), saves to a shared folder that is on our network that is linked to our web server)
- We leave band practice and go home
- Wake up the next morning, go to work, log into our web server, review our material from the night before
- No questions asked, no talking about it, it just happens

As of this moment we are very close to this goal. The only difference is that we do everything manually in Pro Tools. The reason for the scripting isn't just because we are lazy, but it would also keep things better organized. We wouldn't worry about file naming conventions, etc. The idea is to keep everything exact and automated to the point where we don't even have to think about it. Again, this idea might seem strange but this is just for our live jam setup. When we record for real, it is a different story altogether. Thanks.
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