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Default Errr?

Firstly, what is Pro Tools LE 6.5? (Never heard of it - Last version we have is 6.4).

Secondly, the 'script' you are asking about gets you to a position which would normally only be two or three clicks away if you make a pre-defined "template" with your input & output options etc.
i.e. Launch Pro Tools...Open Template/Session....Record.

How pressed for time are you?

Furthermore, I don't understand why you would want to 'automate' the launching of Pro Tools in the manner you have described. My advice, (in my humble opinion as Sound Engineer for TLT in France) is that it is good practice to check & double-check all connections and routings prior to recording, rather than just jump directly from "switch on" to "record".

It depends on the types of projects you are creating, but as a time-saver, your idea could lose you valuable data or not record it in the first place!

Of course, if you would like to discuss your 'script' idea, please explain further and maybe I can help.
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