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Default PT9 Session Troubles - "Bus Error" in "Main Thread" & Could not complete the Open...

I am having some issues with a session file. I frequently receive:

'Alert "Bus Error" in "Main Thread" at address 0x0'

when I am dragging or adjusting blocks of audio in my session. PT then quits and restarts. I have found a few other threads about this issue, but they do not include any resolutions.

This issue started when I was running PT8.0.4.

Now I am unable to open the session file at all, after one of these bus errors, upon trying to open the session I receive;

'Could not complete the Open Session command because Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/ws.ProTools_9.0.x/AlturaPorts/PT4_App/MacBuild/../../NewFileLibs/Time/Time_TypedBase.h", line 140.'

I was able to restore the session from an automatic backup, but I am missing a LOT of edits I made. I tried creating a new session and importing Session Data from the corrupted session file, but PT quits unexpectedly and restarts.

I just updated this computer to PT9 yesterday from PT LE 8.0.4. I have NO third-party plugins installed on this computer - only those that come with PT. I have not checked plugin compatibility because I do not know where to find a list of the plugin versions I am currently using - but I assume that since I just installed PT9.0.1 that the plugins should be compatible.

I have repaired permissions and verified disk on both the internal drive and external recording drive.

So far, I have not experienced this problem with other sessions. If someone could please help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.
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