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Default Re: Computer Burner or Stand alone

AS CD writer burns data, not music aesthetics. Itīs all Software, not hardware.
And Itīs most probably in the mix than in the CD-writer.

Playback devices have a wide varity in interpreting CDDA signals as much as the speakers connected to it. You will NEVER get the same listening expierience with different setups.

Solutions to this suggest investing in JAM to control the Level (which you can also do in PT) and create a Red-Book(?) CDDA compliant DISC Image and a CAV capable CD-writer. the old Yamaha 2100 uses to have it. This will record the data with less "errors" in the first place.
Toast is just Fine! as it is.

To get Higher Level and AVOID CLIPPING just get waves L1 or L2. (somthing like that)
avoid as much A/D,D/A conversion cyles as you can.

I used a CD-RW7000 once and I seem to remember being able to put the input in the red about +3dB without any sort of distortion. Can anyone shed some light on this?

this suggest your mix still has a +3db headroom. Or you have bad ears;->
last: PT11.3.1
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