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Thumbs up Input Monitoring OFF is here!!!

Hi all!
I developed a little software that accomplish this lack of functionality for Protools on Windows.
It's called AutoMute and it resembles a fake HUI to do all the trick of auto muting/unmuting when recording.
When active, AutoMute will do the following:
1) When a track is record-armed and Protools is in STOP, the track is MUTED
2) When a track is record-armed and we are recording, the track is UNMUTED during the Preroll and MUTED as soon as we

3) When a track exits from rec-arming, the track is UNMUTED

The first version (beta of course..) of the software is available for download at:

Unzip and run AutoMuteSetup.exe
Instructions for use are in README.txt

Let me know if it works
Emiliano Paterlini
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