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Default Re: Warning: DD client is not supported on OS X 10.7 Lion

Originally Posted by Oakdale Post View Post
IMHO, Digidelivery was a good product that AVID foolishly sold to someone else to do further development on.
Well, Aspera essentially killed it. I was offered a great trade in offer of $8,800.00 for Aspera's software solution.
Well, that might fly (and has) for Mega Companies like Disney, Sony and others, but it leaves us small to mid size companies with a $4K whole in our pocket.
Since most of my projects are small I've turned to You Send It.
Granted the file limitations are smaller and security is not as good, but I can buy decades of YSI subscriptions for $8800.00.
What a waste. No return on investment whatsoever.

AVID, why do you do me like this?
They release a client that will work now.
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