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Default Re: low latency recording vs low hardware buffer size recording

Thanks I however have two more questions. Why is not hardware buffer size of 32 samples not avalible to me ? The lowest I can choose is 64 samples. I record sometimes at 44 KHz or 48Khz both 24 bit.

Question number two. I went out today and bought the UA LA610 preamp from my local music shop. It was on sale for $1738 dollars. They usually take $2800 dollars for it here in Norway. Anyway. I'v been testing it connected to my Mic/Line In 1 (on the back of my Mbox2 Pro).

As I said Iv been testing it with my Vigier Excalibur guitar. First recording though the LA610, then directly into the Mbox2 Pro.

I'v been switching back and forth several times and recorded. Both clean and with the sansamp pluging in PT8. And dissapointingly I cant hear no difference. I was hoping for a jaw dropping experience considering the price of this preamp but no.

I wonder if am doing anyting wrong here. Shouldn't I be hearing a big "better" difference ?
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