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Default M-Audio Fast Track USB - Pro Tools 'Unable to locate Hardware'

Hey all - I got back from Best Buy about three hours ago and I've been trying to get my new Fast Track USB by M-Audio to work. I've been downloading and installing drivers and programs and what not for the last hour, and I thought I was good to go. I launched Pro Tools Essentials, and It loads about half way, then gives me the error message "Unable to locate hardware. Please make sure device is plugged in and powered on" (The second sentence might not be worded exactly right, but you get the idea.)

Could anyone help me? I'm really regretting dumping 100$ into this thing, and now I don't even think I can plug in my 1/4" XLR Cord into the back of this thing to record with a Microphone instead of using the XLR Input.

Thanks guys
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