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Default Re: PT 12.5 Video Engine

Originally Posted by VRS View Post
Sorry for the long post.

I've installed 12.5. Works fine until I try to load video.

I load a session that has an h.264 video track and a ProRes video track.

"The video engine had an unrecoverable error.

Would you like to reinitialize the Video Engine"

I select "Yes" of course.

Then I get "Pro Tools encountered an error quitting the Video Engine" with an "OK" button. So I select "OK". Then I get the same error, and I click OK.

I get "Waiting for the Video Engine to launch ..." then the session loads.

Then I get:

"The session contains media that is not supported possibly due to a missing CODEC." "OK"

The session finishes loading and the ProRes video track is there but no video, but the video is fine on the h.264 track. I have another exact same session, but it has a dnx version of the video. I load it and it's fine. I go back to the previous session, and the ProRes version is fine.

I made a session that just had ProRes and I get the same errors.

I have found that when I quit ProTools I seem to get this error sequence almost every time, no matter what video format I have in the session. ( I just tried it with the dnx copy and got the same sequence of errors.) The sessions load but no video. I immediately close and re-open the session and everything is fine.

I've tried a few different sessions now. 3 different videos (different clients even). All the same thing. As long as PT is running I can change sessions and it's fine. The first time the Video Engine loads it gets the error and I have to close and re-open the session for the video to work.

I've also tried starting PT with a session that has no video, then loading a video into that session. I get "There was an error with the Video Engine" or something. It has to quit the video engine. It gets an error. Tries again. Sometimes the video loads fine, sometimes not. But if I then load another session with video it's fine.

If I go back to 12.4, everything works fine.

I've re-installed 12.5, trashed prefs. No difference.

Anybody Else?


Mac OS X 10.9.5, 32 Gigs RAM, BlackMagic DeckLink SDI 4K

In PT ULTIMATE Iím having this exact thing happen.. some videos are the same format so it gives me those errors then the session comes up with those videos gone. If I restart it sometimes works but Iíve gone back to 12.8.3. Strange you have the same issue.. any response that helped??

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