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Default Re: Tempo changes and pitch shifting

To reiterate, I have a Lenovo laptop, 16 gig RAM, the MBox 3 with the iCon Qcon Pro X control surface, running PT 2018.4..
So I fire up the computer and low & behold, the tempo / pitch issue is still with me.. I thought, 64gtoboy had found the issue, and it was making sure the on board sound was set as default, and the MBox set as 'ready'. So I set the computer on board sound as Default, and the MBox3 ready, but not default. In the MBox 3 control panel, it shows it's set to 44.1 kHZ.
When I opened the session, the Qcon Pro X snaps to attention, but none of the buttons work. I went into the SetUp and I basically just reset the HUI, (it's in the 1st position) and when done, I clicked the OK button, and the Qcon snapped back to attention, but it still wasn't usable. I had to use the computer to play the session, and the pitch and tempo are fast. The pitch is a step higher than recorded.
I should have checked to see what the sample rate of the session was, but I didn't. Sorry... Are there other settings, other than a mismatched sample rate, that can cause a session to play at a different pitch & tempo than when it was recorded?
Thank you for your insights.. RichrdC
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