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Default Re: PT10 update to the 10.3.10 issue

Apologies!! Obvious nobody knows my systems.

I have ran PT10.0.0 on my PC Window7 since 2011. I just bought Addictive Drums2 (AD2) from the XLN Audio website and had to upgrade to 10.3.7 and above to make it work. I then had to uninstall the iLok then reinstall the licence manager. The iLok is fixed for now. AD2 is now recognised on the the Pro Tool Colllection flower now is that should now be good to use.

The biggest issue is trying to launch PT10 (run as administrator). It gets to the DAE section then says it 'can't allocate the memory of the disk cache. It advises to delete the DAE pref as the disk cache and to lower the disc buffer (DAE Buffer) or engine voice count the problem is, I cannot launch the program to lower the buffer. How can I fix this. It is starting me to become frustrated now as tried the 'instructions' the pop up box says, but no luck.

I hope this info will help to advise on how to fix the issue.

Many thanks
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