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Default Re: 2" Transfer into 192--the original timeless classic. Accept no imitations...

Originally posted by stelios88:
The only way it COULD sound different (loudist) is if there is distortion, gain, or frequency imbalance. This is a FACT and I am not interested in debating the audio signatures of Neve, Studer, tubes, discrete, transformers, et al. You guys can argue that 'til your teeth fall out.

<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Get your FACTS straight.
I did not say that about 1k, but I do agree with it. So does Rudy Van Gelder.

Oh my, my, the usual mudslingers are out in force again.

You are showing how idiotic you are (again) with your latest 'muddying the waters with disinformation' post.

As smEggma n also does with the proclomation that MM said it was -6db at 50hz, MM said it was LIKE it was down 6db at 50 hz.

We have been over this ground before, the both of you.

Get your facts straight.
We now have 2 generations that believe CD's are the best in audio reproduction. - Rupert Neve
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