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i've just downloaded the demo of drumagog... and am also disappointed with the lack of fine control of parameters--in fact the difficulty in setting parameters at all. also, when it is up on the screen, it won't allow me to use the spacebar to start and stop audio. major pain.

this looks like a beta version to me... hard to believe they call it v4.0. while i prefer the concept of an RTAS plug to Audiosuite (soundreplacer), this one isn't ready for prime time. it looks like they have been cramming features into it before making what they have work properly. i haven't even looked at automation yet... but if you can't set the threshold for different segments of the song (as implied in this thread) then it REALLY doesn't have much (if any) advantage over digi's offering yet.

are there other options out there of which i am not aware?
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