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Default Re: PT EX Crossgrade Or Upgrade to 11?

Just some suggestions for avids website:

As a new user and a noob/musician when it comes to music recording software, I think "Simplicity" is the key of getting new user satisfaction, return customers, cutting customer issues calling in half, more sales, and a good reputation. A company's website "ease of use" is # 1 in the process. Musicians want to record. Not spend hours and days just trying to get up and running. Short answers, with less technicality is better than long technical explanations that provide little real help. For instance:

If the "support" page went directly to a link page:

Pro Tools Installation Issues
. ---> linked to the install VIDEO (BAM- DONE! less frantic phone calls)

Download Issues ---> Use "Explorer on our Website" ect..

Error Messages And Fixes --->

I think a little organization goes a long way. Links here, there, everywhere, is a waste of time and extremely frustrating for new customers. That being said, the software has been surprisingly nice.

Thanks for reading the rant.. lol Beer time.
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