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Default Re: Venue Standalone 4.5.3, Profile and Windows 10?

Originally Posted by smokeydan View Post
I'm trying to find compatibility information on the Venue Standalone Software v4.5.3 - will this run on windows 10 (via parallels on a Mac) I'll need to use this for Showfiles generated on, and destined to return to, an older Profile system -

Posts on here suggest its fine to use for Profile showfiles, but I can't find info on windows compatibility - the slightly older v4.1.3 had a note on the Avid website saying Windows 7 or 8 only... does anyone know if thats the same with 4.5?

many thanks

Windows 10 is no different from Windows 8. Both 4.1 and 4.5 are expected to work fine on Windows 10.
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