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Default Recording late with -ve user offset on delay compensation


I have had an issue today where audio I have recorded has printed late (around 1400 samples late) on the timeline - The performer noticed first, and after a bit of experimentation (recording the click track back into ProTools via the foldback whilst making various plugs inactive/trying different routing etc)

I eventually determined that the issue was that some time ago, I had put a -ve user offset of 1400ish samples on an unrelated audio track (to get a distant ambient/room mic to play back in phase with a close mic.) When I set the user offset to zero, protools records the click just 84 samples behind the grid - which I'll put down to converter delays etc and is obviously far more acceptable (The signal path for foldback monitoring in this studio means the audio is being converted from digital>analog>digital>analog again because of the way the Hearback system is being connected)

This isnít something I have encountered before, although I regularly use this technique to time align room mics - Is this expected behaviour and I just hadn't noticed before? I canít find any reference to this in the Pro Tools manual.

Or is it a bug or undocumented change in the behaviour of the delay compensation system - if so, since when has it worked this way?

Has anybody else had this issue?

Iím using a trashcan mac, High Sierra, PT Ultimate 2018.12 (I think!) & a sonnet Chassis with HDx cards
Mac Pro 5,1, 2 x 3.46Ghz six core Xeon, 64GB RAM, High Sierra, PT Ultimate 2019.12, H/D Native PCie, Omni interface.
Mac Pro 6,1 12 core, 64GB RAM, High Sierra, PT Ultimate 2019.12, 2xHDX cards in Sonnet TB Chassis, 2 x Lynx Aurora 16 interfaces.
MacBook Pro 32GB RAM Catalina, PT 2020.3, non-functioning MBox 3 Pro

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