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Default ProTools upgrade options with Digi 003+ Rack

I currently have Pro Tools LE 8.0.4 running on Windows 7 using a Digidesign 003+ Rack.

I recently downloaded Superior Drummer 3 onto my computer, but unfortunately wasn't aware that it's 64 bit and since PT 8 is 32 bit, I can't run SD3 as a plugin in PT and therefore need to upgrade to at least PT 11 for 64 bit.

I have many questions:

- Is an upgrade from PT8 to a 64 bit version of ProTools that will run on Windows 7 possible? I'm good with this option even if there is additional costs involved.

- If I have no choice but to purchase the latest version of Pro Tools (I'm aware that I would also need to update my OS to Windows 10) will my Digidesign 003+ Rack still work as an interface?

- Will the plugins I'm currently using with PT-8 still work with a 64 bit version?

Please advise me as to my options. I'm trying to determine my best course of action.

Thank you so much!

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