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Default Using Digi 003R as an Output Device for other programs...broken?

Former setup: Digi 003R, OSX 10.6.8, Pro Tools LE 8.0.5
Current setup: Digi 003R, OSX 10.8.2, Pro Tools 10.3.4

In the former setup, I was able to select "Digidesign HW (003)" as the Output device in the preferences of Audirvana Free, Decibel, Audacity and Fusion. Everything worked well, and all audio successfully pumped through the 003R as needed.

In the current setup, when I select "Digidesign HW (003)" in any of those programs (all updated to their current versions, and Audirvana Plus swapped in for the obsolete Audirvana Free), I get device errors in all of them.

Yes, I did install the updated 003 drivers after the PT 10 install. Yes, I've tried force quitting coreaudiod in the Activity Monitor, still no success. (The 003R shows up fine in the Avid CoreAudio Manager, and PT 10 works just fine through the 003R.)

Am I missing something, or did PT 10 or OSX 10.8 (or both) break something that can't be fixed?
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