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Default Re: Editing tom tracks - your approach?

I edit them out. This way when you turn up a Tom, you turn up the Tom hit, rather than the "wowooowowwoow" ringing that heppens everytime they hit something else.

If you leave them in, you'll also get phasing problems since those mics pick up a bit of the other drums. Doing so does "open up the kit" in respect that you dont have channels in the mix that cancel each other. Sometimes the phasing is negligible, sometimes it's a lot depending on your micing techniques.

I edit out just about everything like that, I leave the Overheads intact to provide that space in between the close mic'd tracks. sometimes this is a chore (try being in a death metal band) and sometimes it's not all that hard (my rock band is a cinch.)

Dont forget about strip silence, it takes some tweaking, but it can save you some time...

Hope that helps...
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