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Default Re: PT 9.0.6 / High Sierra 10.13.6 ?

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
Thanks musicman691,

Yeah I got a deal on a 2010 quadcore, and wanted to see what is my best options. From what I been able to research PT10 is the best option for my 2010 singlecore. Also notibles of hyperthreading cores.
PT10 is pretty good but limited compared to PT11 and above. One of the main limitations is the memory address space. With PT10 non-HD you're limited to something less than 4 gig. PT11 and above you can use as much ram as your computer can hold. The ultimate answer kind of depends on a couple of things - do you use many sample-based vi's? Do you run large sessions (like 60+ tracks)? For what I run with sample based vi's and large sessions I could never go back to PT10. Take a look at my profile page to see what I'm using with my 2012 hex core cheesegrater.
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