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Default Re: Manual Delay Comp Problem

Originally Posted by WinTaper View Post
I'm having a problem with delay compensation. I've setup an analog loop from output to input. I have determined that the recorded track is off by 72 samples. That is, the recorded track is 72 samples later than the source track.

According to what I've read, I should be able to enter a "User Offset" in track view. However, no value I can enter moves the recorded track up. If I put positive values in … 72, 144, etc and re-record, the recorded track never moves up. If I put negative values in, the recorded track ends up moving the wrong way (even later). So it looks like positive values should work, but they aren't.

So how do I get the recorded tracks to align to existing ones? I have Sonar on the same machine, and it has an option for manual sample offset where if I enter +72 and perform the same test, the tracks are sample perfect.
I think you may be confused as to how delay compensation works.

Delay compensation, manual or otherwise, only moves audio forward and not back. That is to say, if you are compensating for a track being 72 samples late, Pro Tools should move all the other tracks 72 samples later, rather than the one track 72 samples sooner.

Make sense?

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