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Default Manual Delay Comp Problem

I'm having a problem with delay compensation. I've setup an analog loop from output to input. I have determined that the recorded track is off by 72 samples. That is, the recorded track is 72 samples later than the source track.

According to what I've read, I should be able to enter a "User Offset" in track view. However, no value I can enter moves the recorded track up. If I put positive values in 72, 144, etc and re-record, the recorded track never moves up. If I put negative values in, the recorded track ends up moving the wrong way (even later). So it looks like positive values should work, but they aren't.

So how do I get the recorded tracks to align to existing ones? I have Sonar on the same machine, and it has an option for manual sample offset where if I enter +72 and perform the same test, the tracks are sample perfect.
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