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Default Re: Mix System VS Powerful PTLE System

When comparing a native-based ProToolsLE system v/s a card-based MIX or HD system, there are some things to think about obviously. Do you want to invest your money in DSP processing to give you rock-solid performance, real-time monitoring, and access to plugins that aren't available for anything else.... or do you want to have lesser processing but have a better front-end? In a perfect, world.... you'd have the TDM with the outboard gear. This really comes down to what your budget is and how you need to fill that budget. Personally, I use a Mix3 (dying for HD!) system which gives me plenty of power to run my Waves plugins, my ReverbOne (not available in LE), and everything else I want to throw at it. I can monitor my inputs in real-time, so no front-end mixer is needed. I'm also fortunate to be using some of the best outboard preamps and microphones available too.... but I understand it's not possible for everyone to have it both ways.

The advantages of the LE system is you can put some killer converters on the front-end, pickup a great mic-pre/compressor/eq with a high-end microphone. Get a wealth of native-plugins, a nice control surface, and some good accurate monitors. This can definitely be done for under $10,000 but again it comes down to what is your budget and how do you need to spend it. I'm not a big fan of native systems for how I WORK...but my needs are most likely completely different than your's.

While a MIX system is very good, it has very little DSP. The minnimum you should get is a MixPlus or really a Mix3. There are refurbished MixPlus systems for very affordable now that by the time it's all said and done you could get a full system with somd good plugins and a small control surface for about $15,000 including the computer and hard-drives. BUT with that said, HD has so much more to offer over a Mix series product with an improved internal summing-bus, new HD-only plugins, a streamlined TDM channel with improved bussing of its throughput, more DSP (way more), etc.
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