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Default Re: iTunes Issues - Workaround or What's better

Originally Posted by ric982 View Post
Thanks Jack. Most helpful.

I have an ILOK dongle, do you know if their key will work with that?

Seems the nice thing about wave lab is that you can put high rez audio in and then go to wherever you need to for your intended target. Are you happy with their dithering capabilities? Loudness analysis/mamagement? Or do you tend to bounce out of your DAW for a specific target and just assemble in waveLab?

Also it looks like with Elements they don't allow more than 3 tracks so you have to use Montage to assemble a CD? Is that right?

I don't need DDP yet, so I'm thinking I'll just get waveLab Elements and worry about upgrading to Pro if I need it. The difference in total price for the upgrade path looks like about $25. Do you see any downside with this thinking?
The iLok and Steinberg keys are two completely different dongles. Each will not hold the other's license assets. Like I said I don't know if Wavelab will run with the software alone version of eLicenser or if it needs the Steinberg dongle. You may want to contact Steinberg about that. BTW the Steinberg key is the same as the Vienna key under a different name.

You do have to use Montage to assemble a cd. The workings take a little bit of getting used to especially if you're used to working with another cd program/wave editor. That's why it'd be good for you to grab the demo assuming you get things worked out if it needs the h/w dongle or can run with just the s/w eLicenser. Some programs will run just fine without the dongle but need the s/w that runs it and some need the dongle as well as the s/w driver.

The price difference between Wavelabs Elements and Wavelab Pro is WAY more than $25. Wavelab Pro is $560

I'm okay with their dithering so far. As far as loudness analysis & management I tend to use third party plugins for that. I don't have to hit any EBU specs; I do everything at K14 levels from PT and final levels I adjust in Montage either by the track level or the mastering compressor (elysia alpha compressor) I use on each track.

A little bit about the terminology used. Each CD track can have it's own pair of fx and that's assigned by way of the clips fx assignment at the top of the gui. There is a slick way of getting more than two fx per clip and that's to use Blue Cat Patchwork. Neat thing with that method is you can have all the plugin gui's open at the same time. If you just use the 2 slots allowed by Wavelab Elements you can only have one gui open at a time but can show the other gui by clicking the tab in the open gui that corresponds to the plugin you want to work with. A bit of a pain and one of those things like I said you have to adjust for.

I'm finding it a fascinating program to work with. Add to that the thing of not having to create a project just to edit a soundfile like you have to in DSP Quattro 5 and it's heaven for me.

Unless you really need everything that Wavelab Pro does and have the money to blow on it Elements should do you just fine. I know there's a few people here who just use the Elements version.

The one program I'm really disappointed in is Soundforge Pro for Mac. Sony sold off their music s/w assets to Magix. I used Soundforge on my old Windows system along with CD Architect and it was amazing the quality work I could do with it. I figured the Mac version would be just as good - was I ever wrong. The editing of waveforms is a nightmare although the quality of the work one can do is still excellent. And like I said CDA hasn't been updated in a dog's age. Now if the cd assemblage in the Mac version of Soundforge was a good it might be tolerable. All you get now is simple cd assemblage & burn. No way to play the tracks to check & adjust levels before burning. Have no idea if the Windows version of Soundforge is any better these days.
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