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Default Re: iTunes Issues - Workaround or What's better

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
I'd seriously take a look at Wavelab Elements. 30 day fully functioning trial.
Thanks Jack. Most helpful.

I have an ILOK dongle, do you know if their key will work with that?

Seems the nice thing about wave lab is that you can put high rez audio in and then go to wherever you need to for your intended target. Are you happy with their dithering capabilities? Loudness analysis/mamagement? Or do you tend to bounce out of your DAW for a specific target and just assemble in waveLab?

Also it looks like with Elements they don't allow more than 3 tracks so you have to use Montage to assemble a CD? Is that right?

I don't need DDP yet, so I'm thinking I'll just get waveLab Elements and worry about upgrading to Pro if I need it. The difference in total price for the upgrade path looks like about $25. Do you see any downside with this thinking?
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